Why are Windows VPS more expensive than Linux VPS

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One of the most asked question a client is asking is why the Windows VPS are more expensive than Linux VPS for similar and comparable resources specifications.

There are several clear explanations why such difference exists.


Linux is Free & Open-source, Windows is Licensed Based

The main and core reason of the difference is from the provider standing a difference in terms of licensing fees. Each Windows VPS requires a license either from a Microsoft SPLA Agreement or a CPU based license for the VPS. Either way, additional costs is involved for the provider which is directly translated a price difference for the end user standing point.


A Massive Disk Size Difference

Another point, a VPS virtual disk  is generally set a dynamic. It means that the disk space actually and effectively in use by the VPS. At HostStage we observe that on average, a Linux VPS is using 4.5 GB while a Windows VPS is using over 25 GB.

On a large scale, such difference gap involves a significant cost increase.


A Higher Resources Residual Footprint

On another hand, Windows requires a desktop and comes packed up with many services each requiring computation power. As a matter of fact, an idle Linux VPS is using far less resources compared to an idle Windows VPS.


Special Disposition at HostStage

Last and not least, at HS we just don’t notice the difference between the two type VPS, they are physically placed on different infrastructures each with their own specification briefs and requirements.

Our infrastructure are designed to serve each VPS the optimal way with different premium virtualisation technologies (Virtuozzo & Hyper-V) coming with their huge benefits for each Linux and Windows VPS. While, we prone a higher bandwidth speed and a higher calculation on our Windows VPS, we opt for quicker virtualisation technology with flexible resources limits with a greater peering on linux.




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