Windows VPS Nested Virtualisation Add-on

In the containerization era, we are proud to announce a new technological feature available right now for all Windows VPS Users. This features called Nested Virtualisation will allow you to [...]

HostStage Guest Post Quality Guidelines

Our Web Hosting company is opening the Case Studies sections for guest posting authors. This article will walk you through the conditions to have your submission accepted and published on our [...]

HTTP/3 Activated On All Shared Users

We have just released an upgrade of the Shared Servers which aimed at activating the HTTP/3 protocol. It activates the UDP transmission of packets for your websites which is an implementation of [...]

New Windows VPS Add-on: RDPGuard Firewall

We have released a new Windows VPS add-on which is the result of a regular support ticket request querying about the Windows VPS security. There are many bots online attempting to brute force the [...]

Protect your HS Account with 2FA

This is an announcement in order to reveal that upon request of several users, we have activated the the Two Factors Authentication to connect to your HS Manager. The process would prompt for [...]

HostStage New Design Release!

We are proud to show our latest website design as of June 2020. We sincerely hope you will be appreciating the revamp of the whole website from the front page to the Manager. This releases sets [...]

Shared Web Hosting Updates June 2020

Hello, We have released a few updates on all our Shared Web hosting servers. We have released the PHP version 7.4 and it is being enabled on all the Shared Web Hosting Servers. The default [...]

PHP 5.6 & PHP 7.0 EOL, Hello PHP 7.3

Throughout this announcement, we are informing our Shared Web Hosting Clients that starting from September 2019, all new shared web hosting servers will not include the PHP version 5.6 nor the [...]

Shared Web Hosting Huge Jump in Features

Today, we are announcing the release of many asked features on your shared web hosting account.   Python / Ruby Applications We have upgraded the Python and Ruby manager which was reserved [...]