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Shared Hosting

  • Industry Leading
  • cPanel Access
  • Reseller Available
  • 1 Click FREE SSLs
  • HS Shield Firewall
  • Multi Servers Locations
from $3.95 monthly


  • Space Grade Hardware
  • HS Control Panel
  • Wide OS Choice
  • Highly Flexible
  • HS Shield Firewall
  • HS API Access
from $4.95 monthly


  • Space Grade Hardware
  • HS Control Panel
  • Free Windows License
  • Up to 10 GBPS
  • HS Shield Firewall
  • SEO Tools READY
from $8.95 monthly


  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Free cPanel License
  • Free Softaculous
  • Free Transfer
  • HS Shield Firewall
from $34.95 monthly

How Are We Different?

IMer Needs PinPointed

Being Internet Marketers ourselves, we are perfectly aware of the stakes and issues you are facing

Rank Tracking Service

Our Web Hosting solutions comes with a rank tracking services so you can save expenses and focus on your success

Crypto Accepted

Faith Supporter of the Cryptocurrencies with no less than 40 different Crypto Currencies Accepted: Bitcoins, Etherum, Ripple..

For IMer

Being Digital Marketers originally ourselves, we are very aware of the stakes and issues you are facing. We’ve created HS for you.

Rank Tracking*

Our Hosting solutions come with a rank tracking services so you can save expenses and focus on your success. (*Coming Soon)

Crypto Accepted

Faith Supporter of the Cryptocurrencies with no less than 40 different Crypto Currencies Accepted: Bitcoins, Etherum, Ripple..

Heroic Support

Over a decade, we are recurrently reviewed by users and appointed as the best support they encountered

With SEO in Mind

We know SEO and its rules, and web hosting plays a huge part. With us, SEO Factors are to be checked.

ForthRight API

Discover our straight forward API to automate your servers deployments and managements

Key Figures

Active IMer Clients
Virtual Private Servers
14 Years in Business

Customer Centric Support

Not just because we can, or we must but because we care

24/7 SleepLess Livechat

A question ? A Quick technical help? Contact us through livechat or support ticket and we will take care of you.

Constant Support Ticket Answers 24/7

On the clock ticket support with a guaranteed response time under 30 minutes and where satisfaction matters

Rich & Updated Kownledgebase

Gather all informations you need on how to use your services, or even solving software related issue directly on our knowledgebase.

Inspirational Use Cases

Read Project driven Use Cases which are a gold mine of ideas for your own online ventures. Discover tools and methods for free.

SEO Centric Web hosting

Because web hosting affects your SEO and we are here to enhance it and maximize your efforts

At HostStage, we are the only web hosting company in the world to bring you a professional Rank Tracking services* along with our web hosting offers.

We take the hosting line further by giving you the tools to monitor your SEO efforts and all from a single control panel

You’ll also be alerted as soon as Google Indexed your website.

*Coming Soon

All our web hosting packages are architecture with performances in mind.

Website Speed is one of the most important SEO factors as it affects others:

  • Loading Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Returning Visitors
  • PogoSticking
  • Number of Pages Crawled
  • Crawling Budget
  • Sales

At HostStage, we broke the world wide record for a WordPress page loading time.

Thanks to SSD NVMes, Litespeed Webservers and our knowledges in System Administration, your website speed will be taken to a whole other level.

Having a website hacked is a nightmare!

Therefore, we put the security of your websites at the core of our focus thanks to our Security Engineers and External Audits.

We are able to provide a full & unmatched security suite at your disposal such as and limited to:

  • Full 450 GBPS Instant DDoS Protection
  • On The FLY FTP Malware Removal
  • Daily Security Scans and Intervention throughout all our Infrastructure
  • 3500 Malware Signatures Regex Match Analysis
  • Automatic Anti Flood Protection (DoS)
  • Content Delivery Network (Cloudflare Ready)

Uptime is a root factor of your online success.
A website down is a loss of leads, sales, earnings, or important partnerships.
It also affects your reputation.

We have rolled over all our Shared Web hosting && Virtual Private Servers a 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement

For each hour of downtime, you get a 5% refund.

We are able to provide such SLA since we have invested in a TIERS 3 & TIERS 4 infrastructure insuring the highest level of reliability.

SSL Certificates encrypts the traffic between your website’s server and your visitors.

Google has made a clear statement and progressively reinforce their demand to have a 100% secured web.

As we want you to maximize your SEO Results, all web hosting services comes with Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs which you can generate in a few click from your control panel.

Secure your website, Boost your rankings, and send a strong trust signals to your visitors.



  • Just ordered black friday special VPS and I must say (still didnt fully optimize the server) that the speeds are already amazing. I needed an US server for some of my websites to obviously load faster instead of those 2,5-3s load times from EU and boy ... Glad I ordered this one so I can leave my customer websites hosted on dedi here and have my personal US sites on this speedy host. No trouble setting things up and the delivery of VPS was instant.

    VIsual Eagle
    VIsual Eagle Digital Marketer full time
  • I have had several hosting companies over the years. I had used HostStage for a remote desktop in the past but recently got a dedicated server from them. They have gone out of their way to help us at every step and if you are looking for hosting I would not be afraid to tell you to use them for any of your needs

    John R.
    John R. Retired Digital Marketer
  • I've been using their services for nearly two years, for different projects of different sizes but I was always amazed by their performances. I can't think of any technical issue I had with them. The customer support is very fast and will do anything to fit a customer's needs. I definitely recommend them for any project of any size !

    Anonymous NA
  • I've 4 years experience using Host-Stage service, still #1 of VPS provider for me, im seriously, the owner of this Company very very good person, always good... i dont know what i will write, because he is like a angel for me..

    Nicky O.
    Nicky O. Internet Marketer
  • I like their customer support quality too much and if I am rating them 5 starts, it is all because of their top-notch quality support for their customers. Only because of their awesome support and meaningful explanations I could add SSL to my website. Even if it is FREE SSL certificate, it is very helpful for me to get ranked batter. Thanks Hoststage

    Vashishta K.
    Vashishta K. Professional Blogger
  • I'm working with them since 2008 and always got what they promised, often more. Absolutely recommendable.

    Matt B
    Matt B PPC Marketer
  • Damn! I couldn't be happier with HostStage's VPS! Vincent and I made a deal. He is awesome to communicate with. My VPS was set up completely within just a day and till this day, I couldn't be happier with his VPS! I ordered the Level 5 tier and it really beats all my previous VPS providers. Fast internet - lagless computer - and at a low price. Couldn't be more satisfied! Definitely worth the price!

    Sophie SEO
  • I've been using HostStage for my VPS and Dedi's, this service is great!  Vincent takes care of the support via Skype and he's great in doing that, he suggests what you need, if it's useless to buy a more expensive one and etc. Support is great!  Dedi's are working great too. I don't have anything negative to say about this service really, everything is positive. Vincent is there to make sure you are satisfied with them.

    Luka B.
    Luka B. SEO Agency Owner

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