Service Level Agreement

This agreement enumerate the standard level of service that all our customers shall expect from Melbikomas UAB, operating with the commercial brand HostStage. It gives numeric and concrete explanations one the commitment we are taking to our customers.

Throughout this SLA, we introduce infrastructure investments and safety measures taken through calculated uptime metrics to insure maximum operability and reliability which we extend with a guarantee with concrete financial compensation.

The SLA is also define according to certification delivered by the Uptime institute.

Network & Electrical Infrastructure

Statistic Uptime Certification

HostStage is using different network providers across the world which were selected according to the validation of external audits of the infrastructures in use issued by the Uptime Institute. A TIER 3 certification is the minimal requirement which gives a statistic uptime of 99.982% per year.

It is equal to a statistic duration 1.6 hours of yearly outage throughout all the concerned infrastructures.

Several Line of Services are certified with the highest certification degree, TIER 4 which gives a statistic uptime of 99.995% per year.

It is equal to a statistic duration of 26.3 minutes of yearly outage.

Effective SLA Guarantee

HostStage extends the guarantee of availability of all line of services to 100% for all customers in regards of Network and Electrical sides.


Failure to respect this commitment, a 5% credit per hour of downtime equals to the service brought to his monthly price to each affected user will be issued.
The declaration of the incident will start at the acknowledgement of our certified monitoring platform and the credit can be claimed through a support ticket to the billing center.

Downtime Duration Monthly Credit Issuance
1 Hour 5%
2 Hours 10%
3 Hours 15%
20 Hours 100%

*Indicative Refund Policy introduced in a data table. From the 4th to the 19th hour the compensation is also incremented by 5%.


The events that follows are to be excluded from our SLA policy:

  • DNS Propagation related event which may caused downtime
  • IP change request
  • User Related downtime (miss configuration / Self Data Deletion / Applications conflicts
  • Downtime due to a terms of services violation (abuses / exceeding thresholds)
  • Downtime due to a lack of resources on the concerned service.
  • Downtime following a technical intervention on your service


Storage Guarantee

HostStage guarantees a 100% availability of storage devices through a default configuration provided with a minimum redundancy on all his line of services.

The guarantee is applicable in the exhaustive situation of one drive failure being swapped to a second drive set as redundant.

The guarantee excludes peculiar configuration requested or set by a client for the Dedicated Servers services. (RAID 0 installation request, or installation from their control panel).

Regardless of the configurations mentioned earlier, HostStage guarantees an immediate drive replacement as part of the customer Service Level Agreement. The Drive would have the same specifications as the one being replaced.


Failure to provide by default a redundant storage or to replace a faulty drive would lead to a full refund of the on going monthly billing period to the customer upon request as credit.


The Service Level Agreement also includes our support policy and guarantee. In our best efforts to keep doing better, we are including our current support metrics and we would always do everything to improve.

We offer a 24/7/365 hours support over Livechat and Support tickets and performed by dedicated technical and support operators.

The Billing Center, the project center and the abuse center are operating between 9Am – 7pm CEST from Monday to Friday.

The support tickets and live chats are attended on a first to come, first being served basis.

Time To First Answer (TTFA), Average Speed to Answer (AVA)

We guarantee a first answer to your ticket under the hour following your ticket opening.

The AVA is less than 1 hour on support tickets and less than 2 minutes on Livechat.

Abandonment Rate (AR)

HostStage guarantee that all opened support ticket will obtain an answer.

Our all time Abandonment Rate is 0.005%.

First Call Resolution Rate (FCR)

Our FCR is 76,7% on our support platform on average

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