Do you Dare To Dream of

  • Running Applications 24/7 at the Greatest Performances Level
  • Process Huge Amount of SEO Data
  • Track / Scrape / Post in a Breathe
  • Granularly Share Applications / Data to your Co Workers
  • Use the Space Grade Network at Max Speed without any limitation
  • Access your VPS with a simple Swipe
  • Do Just About Everything you could dream in Internet Marketing


SEO Tools Ready & Friendly

Our Windows Server are Hardware optimised to run SEO Tools at this Highest Performances.

  • Scrapebox
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • Gram Dominator
  • CTRBooster
  • Power SEO Suite

Achieve More with our Windows VPS

To make it this possible, HostStage deployed the most advanced military grade hardware ever seen in the Industry

  • HyperV Microsoft Virtualisation Technology
  • Up to 10 GBPS
  • Millions of IOPS Per Secondso
  • Multi SOC CPUs - Gigantic Cores based Server
Our nodes are power with up to highly powered CPU than can sustain more than you can imagine. With up to 144 Billions Instructions per Second you get more than 4 times the CPU power per core of an industry standard.


Or take a Huge Jump

With a Windows dedicated Server more powerful than ver

  • Scale your Work Load
  • Uncompromising Performances for SEO Tools
  • Fully Dedicated Environment
  • Wide and Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Deploy your Own Army of Windows VPS

Check Out Our Windows VPS Practical Cases Studies

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