Moneyback & Refund Guarantee

This resource is made to clarify in full transparence the protection we are offering to our clients when it comes to our satisfaction guarantee for products and services purchased at HostStage and from HostStage or its affiliates.

Our guarantee is here to ensure that our clients have the necessary time to assess whether the services may satisfy their original needs favouring a long term relationship and partnership.

The default money back guarantee is 30 days from the order date of your services. It concerns all services besides those stipulated below respecting the terms stated as well.

Refund Process Details

After checking whether you are eligible from the terms stated below, you would need to open a support ticket at our Billing Center while being logged in to your client area.

The ticket should be opened within the 30 days past the service purchase. A cancellation request must be placed & scheduled prior to be entitled of the refund but both the ticket opening date or the cancellation request date are an evidence of being within the 30 days.

The reason of the cancellation may be stated for us to process your feedback in order to take it seriously into account but the reason will not be required as part of our No Questions Asked policy.

Services Eligibility

The eligible services are listed down below:


  • SEO Web Hosting accounts and its add-ons excluding those mentioned below
  • Shared Web Hosting accounts and its add-ons excluding those mentioned below
  • Reseller Web Hosting accounts and its add-ons excluding those mentioned below
  • Unmanaged Linux VPS and its add-ons excluding those mentioned below
  • Windows VPS and its add-ons excluding those mentioned below

The non eligible to refund services and add-ons are stated below

  • Domain Names
  • Paid Licenses (such as but non limited to: cPanel, Softaculous, LiteSpeed, Windows licenses, Plesk..)
  • SSL Certificates
  • Custom Set Up Fees / Maintenance Fees / Services billing on an hourly basis
  • Dedicated Servers

Special Case:

  • Managed VPS are covered and eligible with the 30 Days Moneyback guarantee but with the exclusion of the bundled license costs which would be subtracted at the refund date on a month to month license cost basis. The included licenses are cPanel and Softaculous. The non eligible add-ons mentioned above are also non eligible for Managed VPS.

Supported Moneyback Types

The refunds may be processed in either account credits or refunds from the payment gateways used except the payment listed below:

  • Coinbase – Bitcoins & Any Cryptocurrency
  • Coingate – Bitcoins & Any Cryptocurrency
  • Bank Wire

If one of these gateway or currencies was used then the refunds can only be issued as HostStage credits on the client’s account. These measures are to minimise the price fluctuation risks between the time of the payment and the cancellation.

Your account credits can be used at any time and without any expiration unless a request of a full account closure is being asked.

All refunds are made in US Dollars currency and HostStage shall not be held accountable for any payment processing fee it may involve, the currency price fluctuation, nor it shall be held responsible for the bank delay to make the funds available.

Special Cases and Terms

If a free domain was included in the purchase, the retailing price, at the time of the refund request of the given domain, would be subtracted from the refundable amount. The domain ownership would also remain in the full propriety of the registrant for the given billing period.

Abuses Cases or Terms of Services Infrigement rescind the moneyback guarantee agreements and not refunds shall be issued.

In case of repetitive orders of the same product or services of the same level of different, HostStage reserve the rights to deny any refunds.

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