Join our Hosting Affiliate Program

  • Instant Account Activation
  • High Commission Rate
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Passive Income Guaranteed
  • 90 Days Link Tracking Duration
  • PPC Remarketing to boost your conversions

Line of Services Avg Commission Rate
Linux VPS 30%
Windows VPS 25%
Shared Hosting 35%
Dedicated Server 15%

Highly Rewarding Commissions

  • PayPal Payout Option
  • Invoice Credit Payout Option
  • 30 Days Commission Clearance
  • 48 Hours Withdrawal Guarantee

Powerful Affiliates Dashboard

  • Instant Statistics Updates
  • Instant Sales Report
  • Instant Commission Report
  • Instant Signups Report
  • Instant Conversion Rate
  • Monthly eMail Report


HostStage User Case Publisher

Apply for a publisher account with us and generate a massive earnings streams thanks to your content and your affiliates account with us. The greatest payouts in the world for publishing user driven content.

  • Publish Use Cases on our Website
  • Feature a Relevant Hosting Offer
  • Get Sales from your Use Case Post
  • Build a Strong Passive Income
  • Benefit from Our PPC Use Cases PPC Promotion

To Enroll within our web hosting affiliate program you simply need to register here:

Once you are registered, you’ll be able to activate your web hosting account within a click from the link below:

It is a couple of minutes process with an instant approval.

Do I need to be a customer in to join the Referral Program

Instant. Your affiliate account will be approved instantly and you’ll be able access your affiliate panel and get your affiliate link in a couple of clicks.

While you are probably missing quite an unique experience, there are no such requirements to join our Web hosting affiliates program

Only $10. We require you to reach $10 for you to be able to withdraw your earnings which is an abysmal amount.

The option will be shown the second you have reached this milestone.

The Percentage are taking into account the billing period. If a Linux VPS Referrer opts for a VPS for year, you’ll be getting 30% of his Linux VPS invoice which may lead to over $100 per sale and recurring.


Many web hosting affiliate program opts for a one time fee which from a Digital Marketer standing point is hard to keep up as a stable income. Here, your passive income would grow over time and steadily!

No affiliates program are doing this. Each referrer will be automatically placed on our PPC ReMarketing Efforts (Google Ads) and you referrer will be shown ads which drastically increases the conversion rates and basically your very earnings. To put it short, we will be paying to convert your referrers and the sales will be counted for you.

Multi Level Affiliates Program is when one affiliate enrolls affiliates on his own and he get a commission for each sales of his affiliates.

We don’t have such tiered affiliate program as we want to stay very close to our clients.

Also, since we offer multiple opportunities on our website to run your affiliate sales through our MarketPlace or the HS Use Case Authorship Program, having a multi tiered program would make it impossible for us to manage.

For each referrer you are sending a cookies is set with a 90 Days expiration. It means that your referrer may take up to 90 days to purchase a service for you to benefit from the sale and recurring earnings.

The 30 Days Commission clearance is simply here for us to honour our 30 Days Moneyback guarantee which is a strong selling argument

That’s right! Through your affiliate account you’ll be allowed to promote your solutions or a method featuring our hosting offers right on our website. If a visitor comes to our website through your article, the sale will be counted for you.

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