What is the best VPS to run Scrapebox?

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Scrapebox is undoubtedly the most popular SEO tools, also known as the swiss knife of Digital Marteters and SEO Agencies. One of biggest question we are being asked as a web hosting company is what is the ideal plan to run Scrapebox. 

While it is possible to run Scrapebox on your own computer (and since very recently it is also possible to run Scrapebox on a Mac OS based computer), it is of common knowledge that a Windows VPS is far more suitable. 

The Top 6 reasons Why Running Scrapebox On Your Computer Isn’t Suitable

1 – Internet Connection may not be fast enough. Scrapebox can be Bandwidth intensive while running and your connection may not be enough. 

2 – Your ISP may forbid such usage. Many Internet Services providers may rule out the possibility to run Scrapebox from your own connection and you may face a permanent ban. 

3 – Your computer isn’t tailored to run 24/7. Running Scrapebox on a computer involves the computer to run 24/7 without any downtime or all the Scrapebox session’s data would be lost. If you have a laptop for instance, the computer must remains opened, plugged and running for the time you need it to. It may also slow down your whole experience preventing you from working on it while it is running. 

4 – Your environment isn’t suitable to scaling. Scaling the numbers of Scrapebox sessions isn’t suitable on your local environment as the use of resources would reach some of the limits of consumer grade set ups whether it is physical resources or your internet connection. 

5 – Granular Computer sharing is almost impossible. Whether you want to give access to a co worker, or a freelancer, doing it on your computer is rather complex and not convenient to restrict the access to some data. 

6 – Accessing your Scrapebox instance from any device. Whether it is a Mac, Windows, Linux or even iOS or Android, you’ll be able to manage your instance through the RDP protocol with ease. 

From these 6 main points, you understand that it is more beneficial to opt for a Windows VPS as hundreds of thousands Digital Marketers throughout the World. 

The Top 4 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Windows VPS

1) Will I only be running Scrapebox or Will I also run others SEO tools ? 

2) Would My Usage be punctual or regular with performances expectations?

3) Will I run Several Scrapebox Instances?

4) Will there be several simultaneous users accessing the VPS?

From these 4 dimensions you’ll be able to choose the ideal Windows VPS for you. The official system requirements are fairly minimal. Scrapebox would run perfectly on a Soldier or a Battalion Windows VPS.

For any higher greater usage, such as multi intensive Scrapebox instances or several SEO tools running simultaneously, you may consider the upper levels.

All our Scrapebox Windows VPS plans are located in here:


2 Unique Steps to Run Scrapebox On Your Windows VPS

To run Scrapebox on your VPS, you would simply need to download the scrapebox installer from their website, while connected to your Windows VPS using the remote desktop protocol. Once downloaded, proceed to the installation of the tool. And That’s it.

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