Windows VPS Designed for Scrapebox .

Windows VPS Designed for Scrapebox

Choose Your Windows VPS Tailored Exclusively For Scrapebox

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors, Outsource To Automation


MB DDR4 @ 2133Mhz
Cores @ 3.20 Ghz
Disk Space
GB Intel SSD RAID 10
GBPS Unmetered
Example Of Usage

/ Month
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Have you seen such features in a Windows VPS?

Remote Desktop Access

Access your VPS within seconds from the remote desktop access directly available from your computer.

10 GBPS Port Speed

All our servers are equipped with a redundant 10 GBPS network card able to deliver a maximum of performances while uploading and downloading

Intel SSD RAID 10

SSD are set as default to maximize the efficiency and the redundancy of your VPS while performing any type of tasks. Instant reactivity is what our high end Intel SSDs are able to deliver.

Intel Xeon E5 CPU

All our servers are equipped with the latest high end CPU E5. These are the best for virtualization and thanks to their 20 vcores a allow heavy multi tasking on your VPS.
Since, we are aware of the usage of our windows VPS after years of experience in the area, we know it is the type of CPU you will need.


We were the pioneer in the industry to implement the DDR4 ECC as standard which is a lot faster than the DDR3 being clocked at 2133 Mhz. Not only it is the fastest RAM currently available, but we allocate physically the VPS amount which is entirely dedicated to our user.

Control Panel

Along with your VPS, you'll receive your login details for your control panel which would allow you to have a real time resources usage status and manage your VPS without even requiring an access to your VPS.

Hyper-V Virtualization

Who better than Windows can virtualize Windows?
At HostStage, we use exclusively Hyper-V for our Windows VPS which are isolated from our LInux VPS because of their different requirements and to improve the network. Therefore, we took the opportunity to pick the best virtualization technology available.

HS Shield DDoS Protection

At HostStage, we benefit from a specific DDoS protection based on a high end Arbor infrastructure. If you are under attack, you'll be alerted immediately and we will mitigate the bad traffic to your IP insuring a flawless and smooth user experience while taking up to a 450 GBPS DDoS attack.

TIERS 4 Certification / 100% SLA

Since, we want to deliver the best services possible and guarantee the uptime at 100%, we are using an externally certified TIERS 4 infrastructure involving a redundancy at every level of your VPS. (Electrical sources, Network Routers, Cooling Systems, CPUs, Hard drives are all fault proof)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Windows VPS are designed to be highly performing and blazing fast and the plans are defined for different usage.

With a Windows VPS you can run SEO tools to sky rocket your website rankings in the SERPS, you can also mass upload videos at great speed in order to gain exposure or for affiliate promotion, you can automate all type of tasks which would never be turned off even if you disconnect from your VPS and much much more.

Yes! Our Windows VPS are designed to run SEO tools efficiently.

We have selected the best hardware of the current market for you to benefit from it at a tiny fraction of its cost. To give you an idea, the servers behind your VPS cost more than $20 000 excluding the network.

You can run any tools you please such as Scrapebox, Mass Planner, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Bulk Video uploader, Xrumer, Senuke, Money Robot Submitter, Hitleap, Vagex and much more.

Our support team would also be able to assist you in most of the questions you have regarding these tools and their behavior.

Absolutely not! Your VPS is an independant computer which will keep running 24/7 whether you are connected to it or not.

The VPS will outsource all the work you request it to do and will behave as a perfect soldier taking your command without any fatigue.

No, your VPS isn’t shared by any one and its file system along with the OS is strictly used by you.

It also comes with a dedicated IP for you, which you can swap upon request.

Absolutely! Being the sole user of your VPS with a dedicated Windows copy, you do benefit from a full administrator access.

Yes! All our Windows VPS running either Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 come with a full and unlimited license without any time duration.

Absolutely not! Flexibility is one of our core value which is one of the most important one for Internet Marketers.

You are free to cancel at any time you please and if you want us to keep your data, we do have a VPS freeze Level available upon request for you to retrieve everything the way it was.

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS at any time you please directly from your client-area.

Not only you would be paying only the difference between the 2 levels but also solely for the remaining days of your current billing period on a pro rata basis.

A Windows VPS upgrade would only require a VPS restart for us to set your new VPS specifications.

Yes! All resources mentioned in the plans above are meant to be used by your VPS. Whether it is the CPU, the RAM or the SSD space, they belong to you and you only.

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