How to Access Your Windows VPS

In order to access your Windows VPS / Windows Dedicated Server flawlessly from a windows computer, you would need to follow this guide step by step.

We will be using the RDP program built in windows, which insures a very little amount of ressources used and a strong reliability.

1) Click on the Start menu in your Windows computer

2) If you have a Windows Vista / 7 / 10 machine you can directly type "remote desktop connection" in seach field, and click on the RDP program.

3) If you a Windows XP / 2k computer, you would need to go to all programs, accessories and click on remote destop connection.

4) You'll have a pop-up with 1 field to fill. You would need to type the ip address you have selected during your Windows VPS configuration.

5) Then, you should another pop up with 2 fields : Userame and Password. The username is by default Administrator or HSVPSADMIN for new VPS and the password is the on you have chosen upon configuration of your VPS. 

6) Click Ok and accept the certificate warning. You are now logged in your Windows VPS / Remote Desktop connection program. If you close your remote connection windows, your VPS will keep running in the background performing the tasks you configure him to. 

You can find below the tutorial summed up in a video :

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