How Domain Hunter Gatherer Can Grow Your Business

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Your digital presence plays a significant role in growth. More customers research various brands online before making a purchase. A domain establishes authority and helps customers find you online.

Once someone visits your website, they only see your content. Visitors won’t see social media posts from various competitors fighting for their attention. This competition can distract people and lead them away from your message.

Your website doesn’t feature competitors and acts as your brand’s home on the web. It’s the best place to turn a prospect into a customer.

An authority domain will go a long way in building credibility and boosting search engine traffic. Domain Hunter Gatherer can help you achieve both objectives faster than if you didn’t use their software. In this guide, you will learn how to use this resource to grow your business.

What Is Domain Hunter Gatherer?

Domain Hunter Gatherer is a resource that scraps the web for expired domains. Someone else previously owned the domain but didn’t renew it after the contract expired. Business owners may not auto renew to cut costs or because a domain no longer fits their objectives.

Expired domains typically become available after 30 days of the contract’s expiration. Domain Hunter Gatherer finds these domains so you can add them to your brand’s digital ecosystem.


Why Buy Another Domain?

Some businesses use Domain Hunter Gatherer to purchase multiple domains. Why not settle with the domain name you currently use?

Some brands buy multiple domain names to build a network of websites with SEO clout. Expired websites have age to their advantage. Older websites index more favorably on Google. These websites may have generated robust SEO traffic in their respective heydays.

You can breathe new life into old domain names and gain traction on search engines. Some already have backlinks and social shares, two things you can’t build overnight. These websites can become segments of your primary business. You can put backlinks on these domains that point back to your website, thus improving your SEO.

Some brands don’t bother to create a new domain name. These brands buy an expired domain name and turn that into their business. This process saves them time since they obtain a domain with authority for SEO. Brand owners don’t have to toil away with a new website and build it up. They can buy their way to a head start.

A small segment of the market buys domains to flip them in the future. They buy domains low and reach out to businesses that would benefit from the domain. Some business owners build websites with the domain name, boost their SEO, and then sell them. This segment treats domains in the same way as house flippers treat homes. They buy it, rehab it, and flip it to a willing buyer. 

Protect Yourself from Bad Deals

Not every expired domain name carries its weight. Some expired domain names never got to see the light of day. Some domains may have no backlinks or social shares to build upon. These expired domains had few to zero opportunities to gain traction on the Google algorithm. These domains are an uphill battle.

Domain Hunter Gatherer filters search results to find quality domains. They conduct domain spam checks to lower the odds of ending up with a bad deal. You don’t want to end up buying a website domain with zero SEO authority. You might as well buy a unique domain name that no one has taken out in the past.

How to Manage Multiple Domain Names

Domain Hunter Gatherer helps you find the best expired domains and avoid spammy ones. Some business owners accumulate domains and integrate them into their brands. This strategy can help you expand your brand’s market share and gain backlinks, but one problem remains.

Brands must balance growing their new business segments with maintaining their existing structure. Some business owners fear over expanding and having too many domain names. Brands can get creative with how they incorporate several domains across their businesses. We have highlighted some ideas below:

  • Product Pages — set them up once and drive traffic to them.
  • Evergreen Blog Content — produce a few skyscraper blog posts and then occasionally update them (you can also invite guest contributors to help). Use this content to drive traffic to your main brand or a sales page.
  • Virtual Events — only promote these websites as your virtual events draw closer.
  • Podcast Site — you can have an entire website dedicated to your brand’s podcast

These resources help brands expand their footprints and reach new customers. You can build up each domain’s authority over time and have them all point back to each other. Most websites require considerable time on the front end. Depending on the site’s purpose, the rest of the process can require far less time.

Use Windows VPS to Run the Domain Hunter Gatherer Software

Domain Hunter Gatherer simplifies the process of finding expired domains. You can discover hidden gems and grow your business faster. You can either get started with a new website or take out several domains to expand your network.

Windows VPS helps you run the Domain Hunter Gatherer software. You can find great domain names knowing your VPS will make them run smoothly with high internet speed and that 24/7. DHG will work for you while you are sleeping thanks to our wonderful solutions.

We offer several managed and unmanaged VPS packages, including Windows VPS. We offer multiple price points and features to make it easier for you to select the best choice for you. Learn more about our Window VPS hosting today.

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