The 8 Absolute Commandments for Internet Marketers Success

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Working online is unquestionably a new growing trend over the last decade. It became a goal for many people. We estimated 2 millions person in the world working as internet marketers and it is growing.

The core goals are generally to be financially independent while working under your own terms. In others words being completely free.

Yet, being entirely free can be confusing or even overwhelming and here are some concrete and actionable tips for you to be successful in your online ventures




That’s the rule number one, as we had many users or seen many posts about the requirement to make X amount of money under X days.

Such thinking process is demanding for a one permanent failure as failures being part of the game, there is no room for them.

It is best to start aside of a day job without any financial stress and even having some little money to start with. (at least for a domain and a web hosting account)

Just don’t expect, to get a large sum of money overnight, it might happen but shall not be expected as it is exceptional.





Enthusiasm is tricky feeling which turns you in a working machine able to concretize an idea which is great to pull you out a procrastination circle but it comes with a side effect where you want to get immediate success to arouse the hype and often you don’t find the expected return and eventually the enthusiasm fade away as fast as it came, leaving a failure taste.

Yet, it remains a powerful weapon in your arsenal and using enthusiasm in a structured manner is key to your success. If you brainstorm over an idea (mind map / whiteboards) and then strategize the action plan, you would be on fire on the right area rather than shortcutting your way to success than very few meet anyhow. Consistency prevails over a burst fire.




This one is also a big one and it can be applied on all type of work. Working hard is very important of course and a key factor of your online success but smart work primes over anything else.

Working a dead amount of hours on a tedious outsourceable task is pointless and makes you loose focus or quality on the essential.

This can even be extended with the Paretto Principle mentioning that a typical day is made of 80% of non profitable tasks and the 20 remaining % is what makes you earn the most.

In most case, the 80% is either required or perceived as required so it needs to be done but focusing on how to optimize the 80% to become the new 20% of your working schedule is what you should be doing. So, you can then focus on what really matters.




Again, some internet marketers thinks that’s starting by limping huge amount of money over a non proven method would work. While it is a start up spirit, it is always recommended to proof test a method on a lower scale or test the water at least before trying it out. You might face issues in your process, (issues many would love to face, but can end in a devastating way), and you can even discover your method is flawed right from the start.

To illustrate this point, let’s say you are after Instagram marketing which is a great trend to make money online. You have no clue how instagram is working but you read about this method. Rather than purchasing Followliker and many Windows VPS right away, it is best to first start a bit manually to learn about how things are working to then automate it in the most efficient way adding your own twist.




Another big one! So you have seen a working method, you are all hyped about and you get started. After a certain time, you open back your favorite forums / social network / skype and read / hear about this other new way so much better method that makes you want nothing else than to hop on it. Repeat that, and you have a ton of unaccomplished projects than makes no earnings.

Or even worse, you are conducting your method but even before finishing a task you start another following your irrational thinking process, you feel smart but you achieve very little. You can also end up filling up your to do list manager, which pressures you over all the things you haven’t done yet. As the author and online worker, I went through these stages and develop a specific schedule flow where I have the concrete to do list, a notebook where all fantaisies can be written on and considered later on, a mind map where it isn’t due but organized, a white board to brainstorm and finally




Far from being a financial advice, this tip remains very important. When you earn money you didn’t have, a common instinct is to want to spend it to feel rich which is how you got it all wrong.

Your hard earned money should last for as long as you can while enjoying the process, invest it wisely and treat it as it should; as a very hard resources to obtain. It should also be used to make your earning stream sustainable and it should be planned to allow you scale up.  Warren Buffet didn’t become Warren Buffet by having a spending sheet as high as his incomes.

We have read many stories about one month successful internet marketers making poor decisions about their finance disappearing overnight.




Google Updates, Terms of services change, ban hammers, declining trend or market, copycats, saturation and so on are your ultimate ennemies that no one can be protected from and it can wipe any income stream you duly acquired. A classic business point of view is to innovate in order to prevent some of those scenarios but as an Internet Marketer diversifying is a strong and more likely the most viable solution. Diversifying require an organization in order to keep up with the main income steam.




Now, it is time for you if you haven’t already to take actions right now ! Whether you have done already, or trying to do but taking a break, or dreaming about a potential IM Lifestyle, right now is the right time. If you took the time to read this post, it means you have the time so go for it and make things happen for you!




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