HTTP/3 Activated On All Shared Users

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We have just released an upgrade of the Shared Servers which aimed at activating the HTTP/3 protocol.

It activates the UDP transmission of packets for your websites which is an implementation of the Google Initiative called QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections).

It reduces the data transfer by removing unnecessary handshakes between the client and the server due to the TCP protocol. By removing handshakes, it removes a congestion of the server and prevent back and forth messages between the server and the client hence increase the throughput.

The HTTP/3 relies also on the client’s browser which needs to allow the UDP packets negotiation which is being supported by the latest version of the most popular browsers.

It is becoming the new web standard and it is now activated for all existing shared hosting users as of today.

You may its activation for your website at the link below:

Also, we have increased the GZIP & Brotli CPU Compression level by 40%. It will lead the CPU of the shared servers to take on more load to compress your website’s web elements and will result in smaller pages size for your visitors.

With this upgrade, you will notice a surge in performances for all your websites and a decreased resources usage overall. We sincerely hope you’ll be thrilled by this feature and we won’t stop there as so much more is coming.

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