Windows VPS Nested Virtualisation Add-on

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In the containerization era, we are proud to announce a new technological feature available right now for all Windows VPS Users. This features called Nested Virtualisation will allow you to create virtual container or even run sub VPS within your VPS.

The nested virtualisation will allow you to run app such as Docker or even Android based emulator with better performances.

Also, you may even run a Linux subsystem directly within your Windows Server.  The area of application remains endless
Pricing wise, it costs only $5 per month per VPS which is an absolute bargain for the end user.

The option is available for any VPS level and for any VPS running Windows Server 2012 and above.

This stunning update is available right now directly at sign up or from your client area.

As usual, we warmly welcome feedbacks through any form you see fit.


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