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Media Buying is one of the most popular discipline to make consistent make a living out of internet marketing. The concept consists into acquire targeted traffic that want what you have to offer.

It is ultimate Graal for some as it is one of the few ways to have a predictable funnel to make money. Predictable as you control the spending which is more than any business would be eager to have.


We are going to introduce you the simplest method to get started in Media Buying and with minimal effort. You do not need to know about SEO nor any complicated knowledges, you just need to self kick yourself to get started.

That’s right, the most difficult steps is to actually go ahead and apply this method for yourself. 

In this cases study, you’ll learn how to create an online business with media buying from these steps:

  • Choosing a suitable niche to get you started
  • Get the hosting package you need
  • Spin a website fast
  • Acquire Targeted traffic for your offer
  • Scale this method with untapped targeted traffic without any limit.

What do you need to get started?

  • A web hosting account and a domain name
  • Some funds to get started and purchase traffic ($100)
  • Around 5 to 10 hours to get it done.

Choosing a Niche

First, you need to know what you are going to sell and it can be anything and here are some great places to get started:

  • Amazon Affiliate Account. Register to the Amazon Affiliate Program and choose any Amazon product.
  • Clickbank. Register to ClickBank to get an access to thousands of services and products made by others entrepreneurs.
  • Any Affiliate Program you know about would work. You may type on Google Affiliate Program ‘Anything’

For the sake of an example. We will choose “gaming mouse” from Amazon which would give great commissions. You have understood that review based websites are all indicated for this method.

Here is the trick,  choose a product with more than $5 per sale. The reason is that you want for each thousands visitors to have a few conversion and the more commission, the more reward you’ll have. Watch out, as there is also a sky glass on this method.  Don’t forget you are targeting the many so it needs to remain affordable for your niche.

The web hosting account & Domain

The first step is to get yourself a Business Hosting Account which is the ideal package to get started. It is cost efficient and powerful with all the features you need to get started. Media Buying may generate quite a lot of traffic and the business hosting package would easily cope with the traffic load. For those who are reading this guide thoroughly, here is a voucher to get 40% off on your first month for your Business hosting account to help you kickstart your online media buying project: MEDIABUYINGSTARTER

If you intend to scale with several websites and replicate the method over and over a cPanel VPS with Softaculous would be ideal for you. A Managed VPS solution includes it all for you and is delivered ready to be used.

For the domain, you may choose any domain you see fit suitable to your niche. ( for example)

Create the website

Your hosting account will be set up instantly. Fire up cPanel and click on WordPress to create and deploy a website in 1 click and choose a great template from the dozens there is.

A few seconds later your website is online. You just need to write a great compelling comparative guide and reviews on the niche you have chosen. You may of course outsource it.

For the example : What Mouse to Have The Edge While Gaming and list a few gaming mouses with pictures.

Be creative and take the time, the content is the only hard work you have to do.

Buy Media and Drive Targeted Traffic 

From here you just need to drive great and targeted traffic dying to buy your offer and that’s where you’ll love what follows.

Many are using BuySellerAdds to buy a banner space on many websites. For example you can see Gaming Website to show a Gaming Mouse Banner:

All visitors of these gaming websites are gamers and they all want a gaming mouse or any gaming gear.

Purchase a space from any of these websites, wait to be approved and get earnings!

Wait you don’t know how to do a banner? Go to Fiverr and outsource it.

Do not hesitate to change the website content to see if it performs better.

A Little Extra Twists to Find Untapped Traffic

This where you actually get an edge and become a pro.The problem is that many Digital Marketers are using this very method and bank a lot of money which means this method could be saturated. You may get a lower CPM (cost per thousands) for a banner using your method and you will maximise your earnings.

You may directly contact blogs and websites in your niche by first checking their Alexa Rank to have an estimate of the traffic they have.

Send them a very simple email such as the one below and you’ll be surprised how many websites would be eager to publish your banner at very affordable rates.


I’m XXXX, the marketing manager from and I would be interested to sponsor your blog about XXX with an advertisement campaign.

If you could communicate your rates to publish a banner and the location of the banner space available on your website?

Finally, in order to finalise the deal, you may communicate your traffic statistics to check whether the rate would be in line with our needs.

Best Regards


Here are some further powerful recommendation

  • Track your visitors with a site tracking too to keep an eye on your Cost per Conversion.
  • Do not fear to fail. With such method some will succeed in their first shot, some others not, but nonetheless keep trying will make the difference.
  • Be creative and own the method to make it yours.
  • Keep Experimenting even when you succeed.
  • Add SSL to increase your conversion rate to your website here is how:
  • Work on your Call To Action section and add several buttons that prompt the visitor to check your offer
  • Get yourself a professional review theme
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