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CVE-2018-0886: Microsoft Security Update CredSSP affecting RDP Access
On the 8th of May, Microsoft finalized an update which started in March 13th by changing the authentification protrocol of the remote desktop sessions.They rolled the final update by disabling the former CREDSSP protocol since an exploit was discovered. (CVE-2018-0886)The exploit allowed to execute remote code a remote system through the logins details provided in a regular remote desktop session.A hacker could therefore gain access to the remote desktop data, programs or even create/ disable new accounts.Since, yesterday the...

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Wanna Cryptor
World Wide Ransomware Outbreak using the NSA ToolKit
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Yesterday a massive world wide event took place with a ransomware worm attacking hundreds of thousands of computers and self replicating.How did the Ransomware spread ?The ransomware WannaCry (aka : WCry, WanaCryptor, WannaCrypt, Wanna Decryptor)has been seeded first through a campaign of emails phishing and spread to governments services (NHS, Russian Ministries..) and also many corporations (FedEx, Renault, Dacia, Nissan...) and throughout different countries.After the initial mailing campaign, the ransomware was self distributing by SMB network scan using shared...

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Security Issue : Leaks of 68 Millions Dropbox Accounts
There is a current rumor of a leak of over 60 millions accounts details of dropbox users.It is recommended to change the dropbox password as soon as possible to be on the cautious side.We know how online marketers are loving the dropbox feature hence this post post to inform about a critical situation. It remains a solid way to transfer files from your computer to your Windows VPS for instance.Dropbox is currently asking users to reset their passwords following a...

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