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Today, we are announcing the release of many asked features on your shared web hosting account.

Python / Ruby Applications

We have upgraded the Python and Ruby manager which was reserved to a selected few giving the complexity it took to run Python / Ruby based applications on your cPanel accounts.
You should now see a python and ruby application builder inside your cPanel account which would allow to quickly deploy your scripts and application from cPanel directly.

You can quickly deploy an app directory and setting the Python and Ruby version you need for it.


Second and not least, we have enabled NodeJS for all Shared web hosting plans which would allow you to roll out NodeJS based websites on a shared web hosting account. Here again, we took down the complexity to run Node.JS based projects to its absolute minimal.
You are able to select among different NodeJS version (6,8,9,10,11) and set the directory and URL / Domain  for you application. Your nodeJS deployments are going to be ergonomic and intuitive.


Composer Preinstalled

At last, you may now run composer directly inside your shared web hosting environment as it is now reactivated for you without the need to install it yourself.
You may pull / get any scripts you please with all its dependancies in order to take your activities to the next level.
For exemple you may install Laraval which is a famous PHP framework engine for web development:
php /bin/composer.phar create-project laravel/laravel {directory_name} --prefer-dist
ln -s /home/username/laravel/public /home/username/public_html


We have also initiated a new project which is to use SSD NVMe on all our shared web hosting servers.
We have started a wide migration plan to a newest line of servers including SSD NVMes which are up to 5 times faster than our previous SATA based Intel SSDs and up to 20 times faster than SATA HDD. This upgrade will enhance widely your websites performances.

We will also update the Processors to the latest generation and use exclusively DDR4 RAM.
We sincerely hope that these features will bring you as much excitement as we were to deploy them. All these updates are implemented for existing Shared Web hosting users at no extra cost.

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