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This month we have big announcements to make to improve the level of services.

A Dedicated Server Control Panel

For all users based in our Paris Datacenter, you have now a full control over your dedicated server.
The panel comes with a load of new exciting features to make your hosting life far easier.
Please find the changes listed down below:

  • Reboot the Dedicated Server
  • Find the Server Location on a Map
  • Change Boot Mode and boot it in mode Rescue for a critical access
  • Installation / Reinstallation of the OS.
  • IPMI Access (Dedicated Servers Sensors Access, JAVA SSH Console)
  • MAC Address for Advanced Networking

We have taken this opportunity and took a leap forward by enabling the IP failover feature.
You are now able to move your IPs from one server to another in the same location within a click and a couple of minutes.

An Automated Monitoring System

We have also released a full monitoring allowing to see the ping response time graph from 3 different Location. (Paris, New York, Singapore).
The feature is now set in Beta mode and is available to all Dedicated Servers in our Paris location.
You may now see the response time and the packet loss in a graph so you can troubleshoot any issue your server


Windows Panel Upgrade: Easier Than Ever

We have rolled a full update of the Windows VPS panel to create and manage the VPS.
Windows VPS Control Panel
Here are the features list being added:

  • Reinstallation directly from the panel
  • Progress Bar During Installation
  • Better Snapshots Restoration Management
  • Bios Choice Removal (Automatic with OS choice)


One last thing…

The most waited location for the Windows VPS is now available. The king location for all internet marketing activities.
Windows VPS in the West Coast USA
After, long and dedicated hard work, we were finally able to keep up with the uncompromised services quality meaning space grade hardware and stunning network performances.

Actually, we did even better by selecting Intel SSD NVMe which triples the performances you would expect on a regular SSD Drive.
These max enhanced drives are combined with the latest Intel Xeon E5 High End Generation which would take your experience to a whole new level.
This initial release will come with a limited quantity and can be ordered directly from our Windows VPS page.
For this new launch, we offer an unique coupon for the first users to grab with a 50% over 2 months for your Windows VPS.
A new era has begun for us, and we want you to be part of it.

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