[VIDEO] How to Manage Your FTP Accounts

Description : How to manage your FTP accounts inside your shared web hosting service.

Note : The FTP (files transfer protocol) allows you to transfer your files from your computer to your web hosting account. It is the required step to put your website online.
The folder where your website should be is /public_html. It is, indeed, the folder which you access from the web when reaching your domain name.

1) Login to your Control panel (mydomain.com/cpanel)

2) Click on the FTP Accounts icon within your control panel.

3) You are now prompted to type your new FTP account details. It would allow you to create different level of access and each login would be able to login to different folders.
For instance if you want to give an access to /public_html/website2 to someone, with a new login created, this very person would be able to access all the folders inside /website2 such as /website2/images/. He will not be able to see the ones in /public_html.
You can type the username you want which would be myusername@mydomain.com

4) Type twice the password you want to set. It is not recommanded to use the same password as your cPanel account.

5) In the directory field you can define, which folder the FTP account would have access to. You can't define several parallel folders such as /public_html/website2 and /public_html/website3. To do so, you would need 2 different FTP accounts.

6) The quote is the amount of file transfer allowed. You can use the Unlimited value. Then hit Create.
Your FTP account is now ready and you can use it within any FTP client.

That's it! You will be also able to manage your existing FTP accounts from this menu.
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