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When you are visiting a website, the browser is caching some elements of the page to avoid them to be loaded several times which drastically increases the browser's performance.

However, when it comes to host your website, and when you perform changes to it, you may want to see the lastest updated version of your web page.

Therefore, you would need to clean your browser's cache to be able to see the changes.

You'll find below the method to clean the cache for all the famous browsers.

Internet Explorer 8,9

1) Click on the Tool / Settings Button

2) Select and click on Internet Options

3) Under the General Tab in the Browser History catagory, click on delete

4) In the "Delete Browsing History" window, tick the checkbox "Temporary Internet Files"

5) Hit the delete button at the bottom.

That's it, your internet explorer's cache will be cleared and you can now reload your web page.

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