Shared Web Hosting : Various Background Improvements

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We have deployed over the last few days a couple of improvements toward the shared web hosting servers. 
We have updated our backup servers with a 250% bigger capacity so we can keep performing the 7 days backup retention for each websites plus the monthly backup. 
It allows you to be able to restore 8 different versions of any file or MySQL database over the last 7 days, even though it changed on a daily basis. 
Such backup system involves a massive storage needs as for instance a 10 Gb web hosting account takes more than 80Gb of backup storage (excluding the MySQL databases and the emails backup which comes on top of the 80 Gb). 
The backup restoration will be fully available in 3 days, but you can still restore your files over the last 5 days in the mean time. 
The second major improvement was about upgrading our mod_security rules to a most qualitative set in order to tighten the security of your websites and block some common exploits which may affect your user experience. 
Such deployement may affect some custom scripts you are using, feel free to open a support ticket, if you are facing any issue. We have a few protocols for you to be able to retrieve your scripts without being affected while we update the mod_security rules which is causing you issues. 
We sincerely hope as usual that these changes will please you. 
Sincerely yours, 
Vincent Royant 
HostStage CEO

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