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Today, we introduce you one of the most requested services which would add some flexibility.
Many users wanted the possibility to freeze their VPS for a couple of months while they are on vacations or they don’t need their VPS for the time being. 
However, not loosing the data, files, and applications was mandatory while avoiding paying the VPS fees in the meantime.  
Therefore, we have just released the VPS Level Freeze which costs $3.50 per month (only monthly available) which would allow us to keep your VPS data for up to 3 months. 
You can retrieve the access at any time you please even during an on going VPS level Freeze billing period. 
The costs will remain the same whether you have a windows level vps 1 or a linux vps level 8. 
You’ll have the possibility to use the VPS level Freeze twice a year (so 6 months overall) but not 6 months in a row in order to minimize the amount of data retention we will have to keep backed up. However, you can opt for a 3 monhs freezing period, 1 month of subscription and then another 3 months of freezing period. 
We will even secure your data by migrating the VPS hard drive / data to a secured RAID 10 array. 
You can start freezing your VPS by upgrading your VPS from your client to the VPS Level Freeze. 
Once again, we do hope that this new offer will be warmly welcome and of course we are awaiting for your support tickets mentionning all the features and services you would like to see. 
Sincerely Yours, 
Vincent Royant
HostStage CEO

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