Shared Web Hosting Updates June 2020

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We have released a few updates on all our Shared Web hosting servers.

  • We have released the PHP version 7.4 and it is being enabled on all the Shared Web Hosting Servers. The default version upon account creation remains PHP 7.3 until the IonCube Loader v 10.4 is out of Beta and activated on the PHP 7.4. You may however select the version from your cPanel  starting from today.
  • Following a recent announcement of Cloudflare dropping the support of their plugin and setting it as End Of Life, we have uninstalled it from all the Shared Hosting servers since it was making outdated API Calls affecting the security standards of our shared environments. All DNS Zones set with Cloudflare remains unaffected and they can be managed from the Cloudflare website

We have more exciting news to come soon and if you would like to share any feedback for features or specifications you may comment it below.

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