This month came with its load of new features for which you can find the changelog below :

Shared Web Hosting

- Curative and in Real Time Malware Detection to avoid acccount suspension upon mail spam + Automatic .htaccess Shield set up
- On the fly scans of malwares through HTTP upload (BETA)
- Upgrade Modsecurity to 2.9
- Automatic Kernel security patches upgrade without reboot
- Upgrade Apache to 2.4.18 (slight perf boost)
- XMLRPC Attacks Protection without blocking the Wordpress Jetpack Module
- Default Apache Configuration Enhancement on PHP 5.5 - More modules prebuilt
- RAID 1 SSD Shared Server Standard
- Network Upgrade to 1 GBPS on all shared servers

To Come :

- Personalized DDoS Mitigation Alert Email for Dedicated IP users
- Email Alert to users for Curative Malware Detection
- Email Alert to users upon XMLRPC Attack Detection
- Wordpress Labs Tests results to be set in production for massive performances enhancements

Reseller Web Hosting :

- Most of the Shared Web Hosting Enhancements
- Beta Test Of IP manager feature from WHM (Extra IP management paanel)

To Come :

- IP Manager to be set in production

SEO Web Hosting :

- Network Expansion to 40

To Come:

- Network Expansion to 60 by the end of April
- End of Beta for the 1st of May

Linux VPS :

- RAID 10 SD VPS Node Standard
- RAM DDR4 Standard
- Mailing Offer Beta
- OS Templates Updated (Ubuntu all versions, CentOS all versions, Fedora all versions)
- CentOS 5.7 + cPanel set as End of life. Available in OS choice but not supported. Manual cPanel Configuration by our support instead on CentOS 6
- Beta Test CentOS 7 + cPanel
- Custom set up fees waived for cPanel configuration

To Come :

- CentOS 7 + cPanel default cPanel template
- New Mailing Offers

Windows VPS :

- RAID 10 SSD Standard to replace SAS 15k drives
- Wide Network Enhancements
- Removal of a virtual network ACL which caused a downtime
- VPS Template upgrade
- Windows Server 2012 Available upon request

To come :

- Upgrade network to 3 GBPS
- Windows server 2012 available from the order form

Dedicted Server :

- New dedicated servers available (limited stocks)

To come :

- Full Range of servers publicly available (unlimited stocks)

Friday, April 1, 2016

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