What is a domain name ?

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A domain name is a way to qualify a network , an authority or an infrastructure which translates an IP address to a name. A domain name is used to access the internet in browsers to facilitate the user experience since we can memorize words easier than numbers.
A domain name is the unique way to identify a website. It allows to translate one or several IP addresses to a name through the rules of the Domain Name System (DNS).
Dealing with web hosting services a domain name is assigned to a web server.
We call Bulk Register the possibility to register and check the availability of several domains at the same time.
We call TLD (Top Level Domain) or also an extension the last part of the domain following the last dot which is a specific descriptor for a kind of website, a localization, or a sign of authority. Recently, you are now able to purchase register your own TLD which costs $185 000
Nowadays, there is a wide range of TLD available which could describe your websites activities such as (.mobile, .media, .career and so on)

How to choose a domain and a TLD ?

How to Choose a Domain Name ?

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important factor which has a straight impact to the success and popularity of your website.
At least, you have two strategies dealing with your choice either you will “brand-communicate” or you will “content-communicate”
“Brand-Communication” is easy as you just have to pick the name of your company, brand, business or the name of your website
“Content-communication” is little harder because the domain name has to be relevant enough to let visitors or customers know about your content without hidding a different part of your content.
It is important to quote that, the “Content-Communication” is the easiest way to rank a website in a short term timeline, as your keywords are already in your domain name. But finding a relevant domain name with some popular keywords becomes more and more difficult.
Dealing with long term, people would rather remembering a catchy brand name than a long tail query, so the long term popularity of your website would be the Brand-Communication

How to Choose a TLD ?

Choosing a relevant TLD is also very important because it has a direct impact the image of a website.
Here is the list of different TLD and what they are meaning :

  • .us, .be, .de, .fr, .au, .eu …. : provides a country indication of your website. It would be easier to rank a website in the country targeted.
  • .com : is the easiest to remind for a customer and the most spreaded TLD in the world and fits well for any kind of website.
  • .net is mostly used for a website dealing with an internet theme.
  • .org is mostly used for non-commercial companies or businesses.
  • .info is mostly used for websites dealing with news
  • .biz is mostly used for e-commerce websites
  • .name is mostly used for personal website
  • .cc was dedicated to Cocos Island’s website but nowadays it is used for any kind of websites.
  • .tv is mostly used for any website dealing with television.
  • .ws was dedicated to Somoa but nowadays it is used for any kind of websites
  • .mobi is mostly used for a website designed for a mobile device.
  • .co was dedicated to Columbia but nowadays it is a subsitute to “.com”

You can check the best prices for each TLD and pick your domain name to start your own website here

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