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Today, we are proud to announce our next and wonderful lines of Windows VPS. 
These Windows VPS will become standard for all our users and we are starting to migrate the current VPS owners.
The gain of the new hardware is insanely significant as detailled below : 
SSDs, and SSDs and SSDs again ! That’s right, we have decided to swap over full SSD Intel DC3500 800 Go as standard. 
The SSDs are of course set in RAID 10 with a brand new hardware RAID Card MegaRAID 9271. This RAID card is configured with another PCI Express based SSD as Caching system which brings an amazing performance gain in reading / writing operations for your VPS. 
If you have ordered a VPS over the last 6 months, be assured that actually SSD became the standard already and your VPS is already SSD based. 
DDR4 ECC stepped up in the game as well making us one of the first world wide to provide DDR4 based VPS. The frequency has drastically improved making your VPS far more responsive. (From 1333Mhz to 2133 MHz!!) 
We haven’t neglected the CPU of course, which from our older version introduce a 25% gain with an extra 100 Mhz gain as clock based frequency and a far better architecture. (Dual E5-2687w v3)
We have also upgraded our network infrastructure massively by increasing the available bandwidth on a per node basis from 1 GBPS to 3 GBPS making us the world wide leader of the VPS network speed. 
But, we have also improved the POPs by introducing some new to decrease the latency throughout the world. 
Of course, the Windows VPS are still based on a Tiers 4 Certified infrastructure which means that all redundant components (network, electrical, cooling system) are still redundant. 
Last and not least, Windows 2012 R2 is now available fully licenced for your VPS. You can request to benefit from it at any time you please. 
We would also like to thank you for all suggestions that made everything possible! We went further for you to bring such a revolution in the Windows VPS market for intensive usages. 
Sincerely Yours and Merry Christmas to you all!
Vincent Royant
HostStage CEO

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