Migration Of Shared Web Hosting Users To Cloudlinux

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We have migrated our whole array of shared web servers from CentOS to CloudLinux.
Over the last few days, we have deployed the kernel upgrade which may have caused an increase in the load average of most of the servers.
We have just pushed the final upgrade in rebooting all the servers and performed a few maintenance operations to insure that the transition was smooth.
Indeed, we have optimized and repaired all the MySQL databases on all MySQL servers, we have run a few check disk to fix possible hidden issues that would have been latent and we have recompiled a few components of apache to increase the overall stability.
Over the last few months, we have tighten our security policy and kept increasing the features.
You have now the possibility to run antivirus scans within your cPanel control area.
And now comes Cloud Linux which is an amazing upgrade which would increase the overall stability by isolating each users from each others.
The main lines are that a virtual CPU core is assigned to each accounts and are meant to contain the usage. Therefore, if one user is facing a huge spike of activity, the account would remain live and solely this very user would be slowed down, instead of affecting the whole server and all of its users.
Currently, a ton of new features are planned and we will be pushed in production once they are ready, so stay tune!

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