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Clustered Web Hosting

Clustered website hosting is more and more becoming a highly important factor within the hosting industry due to a variety of key advantages. Of course the majority of webhosting techniques obtain negative factors as well. In this article I shall describe and evaluate the basics regarding clustered website hosting and why it is an available alternative to VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.

What are the advantages of Clustered Web Hosting?

Some of the advantages of clustered web hosting are as follows. It gives stability, security and a large sense of reliability over a website by spreading its services and features over a wider range of servers. This basically means that if one particular area of the website fails, then the remaining servers within the equivalent cluster can substitute the missing service. This is done by altering the flow of traffic from one website to another server. This is due to the fact that each individual service is backed up or mirrored across a range of servers.

Therefore, this means that the host never has to panic in the case of a crash, because the customer is still able to access the website in perfect working condition. As a result, sales can still be carried out and the issue can be resolved without making the website offline and inaccessible for a period of time. This is extremely important in maintaining a professional business, especially if the host wants the customer to think highly of the specific service and therefore increase their chances of making a transaction. It is a necessity if the business sells products online, as a customer may be desperately in need of an item at the current time. If it is not available then they are going to seek elsewhere. Maintaining customers and their satisfaction is more than important for an online business.

Clustered web hosting is becoming especially important for business websites, as the website may be the employees only source of income, a website crashing may potentially cause an exceedingly negative impact on the whole organisation, making future choices very ambiguous and difficult. The amount of time required can be largely varying and is not always straight forward to resume uptime of a website. It also highly unlikely that you shall ever experience a website will crash due to exceeding resource space. It also means that if ever the event of DDOS attack derives the resource use will be distributed over a range of servers rather than one individual node. This is why clustered web hosting can be so incredibly useful to ensure constant availability whether it is for a small or large business or personal use. It is an essential requirement in maintaining successful and high expectations of customers with excellent and reliable service to support those views.

There a many more advantages but a concluding benefit that I shall explain is the speed of your website. As there are a larger number of servers interlinked to your website, requests will be divided equally throughout these servers and can be more effectively dealt with. Responses will be almost automatic, hardly consuming any of the users time.

What are the disadvantages of Clustered Web Hosting?

There are definitely far less disadvantages regarding clustered web hosting but it can vastly depend on the scale of the website that it is being used for. The smaller less known websites may not benefit from a clustered website solution.

To begin with a clustered network is far more expensive than other forms such as VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. So if your business withholds a relatively small budget then this is definitely not the package for you. You would almost certainly want a smaller more affordable hosting service. The main reason why it is so much more expensive is the sheer amount of servers that are required to run in order to maintain the cluster and keep it online. If time and money was not spent ensuring each server was working correctly then the cluster would most likely fail and your website would render unavailable. There is also a procedure known in the industry as overselling. This basically involves the clustered website host provider administering an excessive and unrequired amount of resources to your website hosting account. They will in fact charge you extra money for resources that do not physically exist. This is definitely something you must examine and consider when you have eventually decided which provider to use.

Conclusion - Should I use clustered web hosting?

The first and foremost decision toward answering this question is whether your website receives too much traffic for one individual server. It would be vastly damaging to the business if the server crashed then perhaps clustered website hosting is the way forward. If you do decide to take this route then proceed with caution and spend time in choosing a well known and successful hosting provider. You should definitely examine your websites performance and resources and then choose a package that will be most appropriate to your requirements. I hope this information was useful and you can fully realise the benefits that clustered web hosting can provide.


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