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Google: HTTPS Swap is now Overdue
In 2014 Google made a statement on their webmaster central blog mentioning that Google would start to give a slight ranking boost to secured HTTPS websites using a SSL relying on a 2048 Bit key.In January 2017 Google mentioned on their Google Security Blog that they had introduced with Chrome Version 56, a "Not Secure" mention in the address bar for website transmitting password or credit cards information.  While being announced in April 2017  in this official blog post, we...

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Changelogs March
This month came with its load of new features for which you can find the changelog below : Shared Web HostingCurative and in Real Time Malware Detection to avoid acccount suspension upon mail spam + Automatic .htaccess Shield set up  On the fly scans of malwares through HTTP upload (BETA)  Upgrade Modsecurity to 2.9  Automatic Kernel security patches upgrade without reboot  Upgrade Apache to 2.4.18 (slight perf boost)  XMLRPC Attacks Protection without blocking the Wordpress Jetpack Module  Default Apache...

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Linux VPS : New OS available
Hello,We have just released new versions that you can install from your VPS control panel directly.- Ubuntu 14.04 in 32 bits and 64 Bits version - CentOS 7 Minimal 64 bits and 64 bits. - Suse 13.1 64 BitsNote : CentOS 7 doesn't support cPanel installation just yet.We have also updated the OS list in the order form when you are purchasing a linux VPS.Sincerely Yours, Vincent Royant HostStage CEO

Various Improvements : Changelogs
Over the last few days, we have deployed a few miscanellous enhancements to increase our services quality.  You can find the change log below :Client Area : Changes / Fixes :- New client-area security layer. We add the possibility to define a personal security question which would be required to change your client-area password. It remains optional but it is warmly recommended. You can define it while logged in your client area from the link below : - Email change from client-area is...

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New Offer : VPS Level Freeze -> Windows and Linux VPS
Today, we introduce you one of the most requested services which would add some flexibility. Many users wanted the possibility to freeze their VPS for a couple of months while they are on vacations or they don't need their VPS for the time being.  However, not loosing the data, files, and applications was mandatory while avoiding paying the VPS fees in the meantime.  Therefore, we have just released the VPS Level Freeze which costs $3.50 per month (only monthly available) which...

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Linux VPS : Weak Password Hunt!
Hello,We are currently deploying an algorythm to detect weak passwords which is creating a significant vulnerability for your VPS. If your password is considered as too weak (included in most famous brute force dictionnary or not including a complex string) it will be changed automatically to a more secured one and we will email the concerned VPS. Over the last few months, we had a couple of hacked VPS which caused a serious inconvenience for their users. We are taking our responsabilities...

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Linux VPS : Canada Location Available & US IP
Following the events of yesterday regarding the Linux VPS node 6, we had to rush what we were cooking for a few months.  One of the most demanded request, is now available!We have opened a node in Canada and we would be able to provide US IPs.  By default, the VPS will be set up in Canada for now, unless you need France as specific location, you would need to open a support ticket specifying you want a specific location. US IPs...

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Migration Of Linux VPS Users
We currently are moving the linux VPS users to a brand new node.Indeed, we are upgrading all our linux VPS nodes to the 2013's newest specifications.As the update involves a massive improvements of our services, we feel fair to upgrade our current users for them to benefit from even better services, without any prices increase.The CPU will be increased from 2.67 Ghz to a Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.6 Ghz.The new nodes will be also connected to a dedicated...

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