Dedicated Server Hosting up to 3 GBPS! .

Dedicated Servers

Choose Your Dedicated Server

ATOM 4G$24.99 MonthlyATOM 4G+$29.99 MonthlyINTEL i3 8G$34.99 Monthly
Cores - Threads2 Cores / 4 Threads2 Cores / 4 Threads2 Cores / 4 Threads
CPU Frequency1.86 Ghz1.86 Ghz3.4 Ghz
Memory (RAM)4 GB DDR34 GB DDR38 GB DDR3
HD Capacity40 GB80 GB2 TB
Network Speed100 MBPS100 MBPS100 MBPS

Looking for something more Powerful ?

Intel Xeon W3520 16G$69.99 MonthlyIntel XEON E3 32G$89.99 MonthlyBI-XEON E5 128G$499.99 Monthly
Cores - Threads4 Cores / 8 Threads4 Cores / 8 Threads 16 Cores / 32 Threads
CPU Frequency2.66 Ghz+3.2+ Ghz3.2+ Ghz
HD Capacity2*300 GB2*2 TB4 *800 GB
Network Speed1 GBPS1 GBPSUp to 3 GBPS

Dedicated Server Exclusive Features

cPanel Free Management

If you opt for a cPanel licence, you'll be able to get at no extra cost the full management of your server. From its initial configuration to the daily monitoring.
We will take it from here for you and deliver the VPS fully ready to be used.

High End Hardware

The servers available are selected among the different needs an internet marketer may have. Whether it is a small and fully isolated server or to host intensive websites or even to create Windows VPS, there is a server for all your needs you may express in your online ventures.

Wide OS Choice

Whether you want to host website with cPanel or run Windows Server, or any OS you please among nearly 30 OS available, we got you covererd.
You can even request some virtualization ready OS for your dedicated so you can also create VPS.

Up to 3 GBPS Unmetered

With our high end servers, you can choose to get up to 3 GBPS Dedicated bandwidth for highly busy websites or if you are into the streaming area.
Don't hesitate to contact us about it, so we can advise you properly regarding the type of bandwidth you may need.

Customizable Configuration

If you have different needs among the selected servers, we do have more ready to be set in production and we are opened to listen to your specific needs you may express and deploy customized configurations (more cores, more RAM, different drives, more bandwidth and much more).

HSS DDoS Protection

Aside from the budget servers, all the other model are DDoS protected with a 480 GBPS instant mitigation of any DDoS attack.
It will protect your websites, your projects and your whole infrastructure from any downtime dued to an attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you opt for a cPanel license your dedicated server will be entirely managed for you and we would take care of everything for you.

Yes! You can choose among nearly 40 different OS and distribution. If we don’t have the OS you need, we can even load a custom OS for you upon request.

Yes, you get a full root / Administrator access to your dedicated and you are the sole user of it!

You would only to open a support ticket to our services and we will be able to introduce our 9 different bandwidth upgrade plans for your dedicated server.