How To Use The IP Blacklist Monitor Add-on

You may have purchased our add-on the IP Blacklist Monitor for either your Linux VPS or Dedicated Server, and throughout this guide we will show you how to use it. 

In order to access your Blacklist Dashboard, you would need to go to the my services  section and click on the one you have purchased the add-on for. 

Once, you are on your services page, you would need to click to IP Monitoring in the left sidebar as shown in the screenshot below : 

How to check for IP blacklists

Then, you should see your dashboard which would include all new blacklists if some are detected. 
The graph introduces a time chart so you are able to track down the root of the blacklists.

How to check for IP blacklists

In the table, you can check the current blacklist count on a per IP basis. 
If you click the number, assuming there are some blacklists, you should see where are your IP blacklisted to and also you should find a Delist link for your IP. 

**NOTICE** Before proceeding to the delisting process, it is important to identify the issue which got your IP blacklisted and solve it, as it could lead your IP to be blacklisted forever.

How to check for IP blacklists
That's it! You should now have a perfect view on your IP reputations.

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