How to Change the rDNS / PTR Records for Linux VPS Users

Throughout this guide, we will show you how to set your PTR records for your dedicated IP addresses. 

What is rDNS and PTR Records

The PTR Records are also commonly called rDNS which stands for reverse DNS. 

rDNS is the opposite of DNS. DNS is mapping a domain to an IP. On one hand the rDNS map an IP to a domain.
When you query an IP, it would reflect the domain associated to it. 

It is a vector to authentify and tie an IP to a domain.

It is a requirement especially when it comes to mailing servers.

How to set your rDNS at HostStage

For all linux VPS users, we offer the possibility to set your rDNS records directly from your client area.
We only require that you set a DNS A entry to your IP in order to have it set as rDNS. 

You would just need to follow the steps below :

1) Log in to your Manager using your client-area credientials. Once logged in click on My Services box as shown below :

how to set rDNS at HostStage

2) In the table listing all your services, you would just need to click on the server you would like to change the rDNS for :

how to set rDNS at HostStage

3) Then, you should be directed to the page where you would see the Manage Reverse DNS button which would list all the rDNS for all your IPs. 
You would just need to type the rDNS you would like to set and click on Change. Then, it would return whether it has been completed or not. The propagation of your rDNS is 

how to set rDNS at HostStage

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