How to Activate CloudFlare ?

At HostStage, we offer you the possibility to use CloudFlare as a CDN (content delivery network) which allows you to get closer to your visitors everywhere in the world.
CloudFlare will cache your web page and distribute accross its worldwide network in order to serve the pages from their servers which are the closest to your visitors.
It will also provide another layer of protection from the attacks your website may receive on the top of the DDoS protection included by default on all our services.

** CloudFlare is included by default in all Shared Web Hosting plans and Resellers web hosting offers, on linux VPS and Dedicated servers you would need to request it through support ticket (Installation FREE)**

In order to activate CloudFlare you would need to follow the steps below :

1) You would need to login to your cPanel web hosting account.
Once logged in, you would need to click on the CloudFlare icon.

Click on the cloudflare icon in cPanel

2) You'll be prompted to login to CloudFlare.

If you have already an account, you would just need to log in.
If not you'll just need to click on the Sign Up link and follow the steps (it is 2 minutes process)

Login CloudFlare Screen

3) Once logged in, you would just need to choose between 2 options which are 2 different processes to set up CloudFlare : 

Activate Cloudflare CNAME or FULL DNS set up

The first is about creating a CNAME which would work upon the click of the button Provision Domain with CNAME Setup.
The visitor will query the DNS settings on our server and they will be redirected to cloudflare to download your web page.

It would accelerate the speed of your website but the DNS resolution isn't optimial. It would also work only for the www. version of your website.
Yet it is a very viable solution which would improve the loading time of your website while not having to reconfigure the nameservers of your domain.

The second option is to get new nameservers for your domain which would direct the DNS and the web pages would be served directly by CloudFlare
It is slightly faster than the first solution and there is no query to your web hosting account so it increases the security by keeping your IP hidden.
To set it up you would just need to hit the button Provision Domain with Full Zone Set up which will generate in a few seconds some nameservers to be set at the registrar level.
If you have registered your domain with us, since we manage the DNS zones, we will be able to do it for you from a support ticket mentionning the nameservers generated.

That's It! You are now able to use CloudFlare CDNs network for your websites.

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