How to manage your Extra IPs for your websites from WHM

Throughout this guide, you'll learn how to change your IP directly from WHM and conveniently. 

It is straight forward and require just aa couple of minutes to make the changes for your websites.

In order to be able to use this feature, you would need to have extra IPs to your reseller / shared web hosting account which you can get directly from your client area or simply by requesting it through support ticket. 

1) You would need to login to your WHM interface and then from the home you would need to click on Plugins, and then IP manager as shown below : 

You can of course access the IP manager directly from the WHM sidebar at the bottom. 

2) You will then have access to your domain list and you would need to select the one you want to change the IP and hit the button change for as shown in the image below : 

3) You'll now have access to your list of IPs that you can attach and dedicate to your domain. 
You'll also see all the domains affected by the change in the bottom box.
As shown in the website below : 

** NB : We would recommand you to wait for 5 minutes before accessing the domain and to clear your browser cache to avoid seeing an IP misconfiguration cPanel error**

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