What are the Mailing best Practices

If you are reading this article, it means that as an email marketer you are questionning your mailing campaigns in order to optimize them and succeed with them. 

It is important to note that we do have an algorythm which is scanning the outgoing emails in order to prevent outgoing spam which would affect first your mailing campaigns but also the IP authority from our network and therefore affecting your level of services as well. 

This protection is also to protect your IPs from being reported to the different RBLs (Real Time Blackhole list) which may list your IP addresses and some ISP mail providers are using their IP directory to block incoming emails. 
Therefore, throughout this guide you'll have a better understanding on how our systems work and how to conduct your email campaigns properly which will increase your inboxing rate, your opening rate and decrease the risk of being considered as a spammer.

1) Set a rDNS (PTR records) which is the first step. You would need to follow the guide below in order to set them up for your IP

How To set your rDNS

) Set Up a Feedback Loop for different providers which would allow you to interact directly with the ISP as soon as one emails has been reported as SPAM or hit the Junk button.
You'll be able to remove these users from a notification you'll receive and decrease drastically the blacklisting rate. 

3) Set up your DKIM which are DomainKeys identifiers. Basically, you would need to add a DNS entry in order to verify the domain ownership. You can have more information from the link below : 


4) Set up DMARC which is a new standard to verify your domain ownership. Its populatiry is meant to grow. You can have more information from the link below : 


5) Set up a Sender Policy Framework which wouldcreate a list of allowed host to send your emails It is required to do as another layer to verify your the IP / domain ownership.

6) Your Content : Be creative and take your email content as the core of your business.  Avoid impersonal titles, avoid caps and spammy looking words (BUY NOW!!!!!). 
You should also watch the ratio between text, links and images. Make sure to balance them properly and avoid the Javascript as well as much as possible. 
Promote your offers naturally to your opt in list and you'll maximize its effect on your user base while decreasing the chance of being blocked.

7) Make sure you are using a public WhoIS as well, it would help to gain trust for your domain and also your campaigns. 

8) Include an opt-out link in your emails. It would elimate most of the problems and it is also a rule that would help in the inboxing rate. 
It would allow you to polish your email lists. And remove also manually the users which are asking you to. 

So here are the 8 steps which would allow you to start working in your email campaigns, we wish you the best of success and don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our support operator to request more informations. We would be pleased to guide you.

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