How to change and update your nameservers at Hoststage

Here is a quick article on how you can change your nameservers at HostStage following 3 simple steps. 
It would allow you to redirect your domains to another server using given nameservers. 
A nameserver allows you to point your domain to a server's IP.

1) You would need to be logged in your client area and then access the URL below :

2) You would need then to click at the end of the domain's row for which you want to edit the nameservers as shown in the guide below :

How to change your HostStage's domain nameservers
3) Finally, you would need to scroll down under the fold, to access the nameservers management area of your domain. 
You would just need to set the nameservers you want and click on save afterwards. 
The nameservers would be updated in minutes. 
Regarding our nameservers, you can find them in the email including the login details of your web hosting account. 

How to change your HostStage's domain nameservers

NB: Once you changed the nameservers, you may have to reset your DNS cache. You can find the knowledgebase article from the URL below :

hat's it! You now know how to change your HostStage's domains Nameservers.

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