How to Change Your Windows VPS Country in the OS

Some websites are fetching the country of your VPS through the user agent information in order to display the proper content regarding the server's location. 
Our Windows VPS are set up either in France or Canada (you can request to be moved to either location by opening a support ticket) but sometimes, you would need a different location. 

To do so, you would need to change the regional settings of your VPS in order to make it happen. 
Here are the steps to do so : 

1) Open the control panel from the start menu : 

2) Click on "Clock, Language, and Region to display more options"

3) Click on "Change Location'

4) Select the country you want in the dropdown as shown in the screenshot below : 

5) You can also alter the clock / date formatting by clicking on the Formats tab as shown below

That's it! You have successfully changed your VPS location which should be picked up by some programs and some websites as it would change the user agent. 

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