How to list your cPanel accounts

In this short tutorial, we will show you how to list all your cPanel accounts of your Reseller account or Linux VPS with cPanel or even a dedicated server with cPanel as well. 

It is pretty much straight forward and only require you know how to login to your WHM interface. You can find the process in your New Information email you received along with your order. 

1) Once logged in, you would need to go to the Account Information Category in the WHM's sidebar and click on "List Accounts". 
You can also type list account in the search field of the sidebar. 

2) Once you have clicked on list accounts, you'll find the list of all the active cPanel accounts. 
From this screen you'll be able to login directly to any account you want by clicking the cP icon as reflected in the screenshot below. 
It will take you to the cPanel of the website you want to access without you having to type any login. 

That's it! It isn't more complicated to list your cpanel accounts and yet, it introduces a quite convenient way to manage your websites.
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