How to install and run MySQL Tuner

MySQL Tuner is a tool which allows you to optimize your MySQL server behavior by changing a few values within your mysql configuration files. 
It can increase your loading time by reducing the time to process your MySQL queries and it could also reduce your ressources usage. 

It is a must have when you are running a linux VPS or a dedicated server in order to host a few websites. 

Throughout, this tutorial we will see how to install and run MySQL tuner.

*** Disclaimer *** MySQL requires a 24 hours history after its install in order to provide accurate guidances ***

1) We are going to download MySQL tuner to your VPS. In order to do so you would need to connect to your VPS in SSH, you can find how below :

Then, you would need to download mysql tuner with the following SSH command :


2) We are going to give the right to your script to be executed on your server with the following SSH command : 

chmod 755

3) In order to launch the script and see its output, you would need to type the following command : 


You would be able to see all the tweaks you can do on your MySQL server. Most of them takes place in the following files : /etc/my.cnf

That's it! You have now installed and run MySQL tuner. You can find more information on their official website :

You can also open a support ticket requesting more details on the optimization you can perform on your server. 

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