How To Backup / Restore / Export your CSF Firewall Configuration Whenever you want to deploy a new Linux VPS / Dedicated server, you generally have to set and... How To Clean your cPanel Logs Files in One Go This tutorial is meant to provide a shortcut to clean your log files in a cPanel Dedicated Server... How To Update cPanel From SSH or GUI In order to update the cPanel software on a Linux VPS, there is 2 ways to do it. Upgrading the... How to Access the HTML SSH to rescue your Linux VPS? Throughout this guide, you'll learn how to open a SSH prompt when your Linux VPS doesn't have a... How to Change Your Linux VPS HostName & Service Name? Throughout this guide, you'll see how to change your Linux VPS hostname which will be used inside... How to Change the rDNS / PTR Records for Linux VPS Users Throughout this guide, we will show you how to set your PTR records for your dedicated IP... How to Create a cPanel Account ? Throughout, this guide we will show you how to create a cPanel account from WHM. If you have an... How to Fix YUM on CentOS 6 "Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata" ? Throughout this guide, you'll see how to fix the following error while running either yum update... How to Install Softaculous on a cPanel Server? Throughout this article, you'll learn how to install the Softaculous 1 Click Installer plugin on... How to Refresh your cPanel License If you have purchased your linux VPS along with a cPanel license. Your license won't be active... How to Reinstall Your Linux VPS Instance? Throughout, this guide you'll see how to reinstall your Linux VPS within a few clicks. You would... How to Review Mail in your cPanel Server Queue? In this guide, you'll learn to how to quickly review your Exim mail queue if any from the WHM... How to Unblock The SMTP Port At HostStage, we have set an outgoing email protection in order to protect our users IPs from... How to activate TUN/TAP on your Linux VPS Throughout this tutorial, we will show you how to activate the TUN / TAP feature on your linux... How to fix "cannot verify's certificate" during VirtualMin Installation During some installation of the VirtualMin panel you may encounter the error: Connecting to... How to install Redis and PHP Redis on a cPanel CentOS 7 Server Throughout this tutorial, you'll learn how to install Redis and the PHP Redis to drastically... How to install and run MySQL Tuner MySQL Tuner is a tool which allows you to optimize your MySQL server behavior by changing a few... How to rebuild the httpd.conf file for your linux cPanel VPS / Dedicated If you are facing some apache errors, or if you know that your httpd.conf file has been corrupted... How to refresh the cPanel License? Throughout this article, you'll see how to refresh your cPanel license status. If you have just... Quick Way to Block Incoming Spam on your cPanel VPS Incoming Mail Spam can easily overwhelm you by flooding your mailbox and filtering manually is a... How to Install the CSF / LFD Firewall on your VPS / Dedicated Server Throughout this guide, you'll learn how to install your own Firewall on your linux VPS /...
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