How to register your nameservers at Enom

If you have registrated your domain at Enom, you may want to register your own private nameservers as the following example : -> My Server IP -> My Server IP

In order to do so, you can follow the tutorial below which would teach you how to register them properly :

**Nameservers Registration is generally a 2 steps process as far as you need to register them first and then select them as the nameservers to be used.

1) First, you need to login to enom with your credentials :

Change an dupdate Enom Nameservers

2) Once logged in, you would need to mouse over the menu domain, then Advanced Tools and in the third party dropdown, you would need to select Register a Name Server as shown below :

Register Private Nameservers at Enom

3) On My Name Servers page, you should be able to type the nameserver your want by typing the following :
And your IP Address of your web / DNS server

Finally, you would need to hit the Register Name Server button.
You would need to repeat this step for as many nameservers you have to register :

Register Private Nameservers at Enom

At the end, in order to effectively use these freshly registrated nameservers, you would need to set them as the one to be used by your domain which is another step.
You can find the tutorial here to change and update your nameservers at Enom to do so

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