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When you have registered your domain at HostStage whether it is a free domain offered along with your shared web hosting or not, you may want to register your private nameservers.
This guide will introduce it how to register the nameservers like the following : -> your server IP
ns2.yourdomain.Com -> your server IP

To do so, this guide assume you are logged in your client area at the following URL :

1) Once logged in your client area, you would need to go into My Domains section.
At the end of the row of your domain, you can click the more option button as shown below :
Register Domain Nameservers at HostStage

2) You would need to scroll down to the bottom of the option page and hit the register nameservers button as shown below :

Register Domain Nameservers at HostStage

3) Under the first part of the page named Register Nameservers you would be able to type the nameserver you want (generally, ns1, ns2, ns3) and attach to your server IP.
The ns1 and ns2 can be either attached to same IP or a different one according to the order you have placed.
You can repeat the operation as many time as you need to create one nameserver :

Register Domain Nameservers at HostStage

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