How to Expand your Partition after a VPS Upgrade on Windows 2008R2

We allocate physically the storage space of your VPS while it is possible to define a limit and the hard drive would be expanding dynamically.

The reason why we have choosen to create a virtual hard disk file of the size of your VPS capacity is all because of performance. 
Following an upgrade we do manually expand the hard drive and it is introduced as an unformatted partition.
In order to profit from the available space you would need to format it. 
Please find the step below : 
1) Access the Server Manager Menu which is located on your taskbar, then on the side bar click on Storage and finally click on Disk Management (Local). 

expand hard drive windows vps 1
2) On the Disk Management window, you can either right click on the unallocated space to create a secondary partition or you can right click on your main partition to expand it and keep one volume on your VPS :

expand hard drive windows vps 1
3) Then you would need to click on next and select the value you want. 
That's it. You have successfully expanded your hard drive. 
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