How To Backup / Restore / Export your CSF Firewall Configuration

Whenever you want to deploy a new Linux VPS / Dedicated server, you generally have to set and configure CSF / LFD all over again which is a tedious process.

Thanks to this tutorial, you'll be able to export and import your firewall configuration for further usage.

Here are the 2 very simple steps to perform your backup and restoration  :

1) You need to connect through SSH to your Linux VPS / Dedicated Server with a File SSH client such as FileZilla, WinSCP, or your favorite SSH client.

Then you need to download the following files in /etc/csf :


You can also put them into an archive through a SSH client as Putty with the following command line :

tar cvfz csfbackup.tgz csf.conf csf.allow csf.deny csf.*ignore

2) To restore your configuration, you would just need to upload and overwrite toi your newer server the downloaded files into /etc/csf.

That's it! You can share your typical CSF / LFD configuration accross different servers.
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