[VIDEO] How to use the cPanel Built In Script Installer

Description : How to install a website in a few clicks using the cPanel built Script Installer

Note : While we offer free alternative on our shared and reseller web hosting offers, we have kept the built cPanel features enabled. Also, this tutorial can help you to retrieve the one click function script installation if you decided to make a step in our Linux VPS services without having to purchase an extra addon.

1) Login to your web hosting control panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel)

2) Click on the Site Software icon inside your cPanel interface.

3) You are now on the main page of your script installer, you can select among all the kind of websites available (Blog, Forums...) the script you want.

4) For this tutorial, we will select Wordpress which is one of the most popular CMS world wide; Therefore, you would need to click on Wordpress.
The process doesn't differ accross the different platforms.

5) We are now prompted to a page where we would need to define our new website settings. You would need to choose an adminisatrator user which would be your username login to your administration panel

6) You would need also need to choose an administrator password as secured as possible.

7) In the email field, you would need to type the email you want to use to administrate your website.

8) In the Installation URL field, you would need to select the directory where you would like your website to be installed. Leave it blank if you want it to be at your root directory (http//www.yourdomain.com)

9) In the table prefix, you can leave the default choice and select create a new database to avoid any conflict with previous installations.

10) You would need to hit the button : Install!

Congratulations! You have installed successfully your first website with the built-in one click script installer of cPanel
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