[VIDEO] How to Protect a Directory with a Password

Description : How to password protect a directory within your cPanel account.

Note : Protecting a directory with a password could be useful when it comes to the sensitive part of your website such as a management panel, administration control panel or even a part of your website that you want to remain private. It doesn't replace a full login interface system or others security measures but it constitutes a good addition in your website's security.

1) Login to your web hosting account (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel)

2) Click on the Password Protect Directories icon within your control panel.

3) You can presently select one of the domain where you want to protect a directory.

4) You have now access to the filesystem of the domain. You can navigate throughout its different file and folders by clicking the icon.

5) Click on the name of the file or folder you want to protect. Make sure Password Protect this directory is ticked and hit save.

6) The permissions has been successfully set. Now, we will define an username and a password that would be able to unlock the content.
Under the create user section, you can now use a username and the password you want and you would need to click on Add/Modify authorized user

Congratulations! You have succeeded to protect a directory inside your website. You can try to access it from your browser and you'll see it is well protected.

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