[VIDEO] How to use the MySQL Wizzard in cPanel

Description : How to use the MySQL Wizzard in cPanel to manage your databases.

Note : The MySQL wizzard would allow you to manage your databases with great ease. You'll be able to create databases, the users and finally give the right privileges to the user.

1) Login to your web hosting account (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel)

2) Click the MySQL Database Wizzard button inside your control panel.

3) The first step consist in naming your database (mydb for instance). The name to be used would be yourcpanelusername_mydb

4) After clicking on the next step button, you will be able to create the user along with its password (myuser). The username to be used would be mycpanelusername_myuser. Then you would need to click next step again.

5) You can presently select the privileges of the user on the database. Generally, we select all privileges. And finally click on next step.

Congratulations. Your MySQL database is now created with an user associated. It is ready to be used for any web application you may have.

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