[VIDEO] How to block an IP from accessing your websites in cPanel

Description : How to Block an IP address from accessing your websites in your shared web hosting account

Note : The IP blocking feature could be very useful to ban an user from your website by blocking his IP. This feature would act as a firewall. You'll be able to block a Range of IP, a single IP address or even a full IP block

1) Login to your  web hosting control panel (yourdomain.com/cpanel)

2) Click the IP Deny Manager button within your cPanel account.

3) You can now from the IP address or Domain field, be able to type the IP(s) you want to block.

4) Hit the Add button. You'll be able also to manage the previously blocked IPs from this panel.

Congratulations! You have succeeded to block a range of IPs or an IP from accessing all your cPanel websites.
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