[VIDEO] How to Perform a cPanel Backup

Description : Learn How to create your own Website Backup

Note : With this tutorial you'll be able to generate a full backup of your web hosting account which includes all your settings, email accounts, databases, files and your cPanel configuration. Such file would be requested by our support for any transfer to our shared web hosting services. Please note, that we perform a daily backup of your web hosting accounts and a monthly one. You will be able to restore any files / databases / full account from the cPremote icon.

1) Login to your cPanel account (mydomain.com/cpanel)

2) Click on the Backup icon within your control panel

3) Click on the button Download Or Generate a Full Backup

4) You can now see the on going backup, the completed ones or the settings to generate a new one. You can place the backup on a remote FTP server or through a SSH transfer or the Home directory of your file system (/)
Let's select a remote FTP server.

5) You wold need to type the email address where you want to receive a notification upon backup completion.

6) In the Remote Server field, you want to type your FTP hostname which could either be an IP address or a domain name.

6) In the Remote User field, you would need to type your FTP username

8) In the Remote Password, you would need to type your FTP passsord

9) In the Port (FTP/SCP), you would need to type your FTP port. It is generally 21 for FTP and 22 for SCP. Note, that some providers may customized these ports.

10) In the Remote Dir, you would need to specify the directory of your remote server where you want to place your backup. The default value shall be / which is the default mounting point.

11) Then, click on Generate Backup and you'll be directed to a page showing that your backup is in progress.

That's it. Your backup will be ready within a few minutes. The duration greatly depends on your web hosting account size.

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