How to Create An Addon Domain in cPanel

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Disclaimer : This how to assumes that you have changed your DNS settings at your registrar so your new add-on domain already points at your web hosting account. Check the domain name section to learn how to swap your nameservers at the most famous domains platforms or reach out to your registrar in order to update the nameservers. If you ordered the domain with us, the nameservers should be automatically set for them to work with your shared hosting account. 

1) Login to your cPanel account

2) Click on the Addon Domains icon within your control panel.

3) Type your domain you want to add to your web hosting account in the new domain name field as indicated in the screen below: 


cPanel add add-on domain interface
4) Define the root folder of your domain where you will upload your files (While you may set any value, the default setting '/' will create a new folder before the public_html directory which is ideal for a new add-on domain)

5) Click on Add Domain

That's it! Your addon domain will be online within a few minutes. You may replicate these steps for as many domains you would like to add within your account and within the add-on domain limit. 

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